Buy Sell Trade LEGO®

Buy-Sell-Trade LEGO®


Looking to sell or trade your LEGO®? Bring it in during store hours to get cash or trade for something new!

Brand New Sealed Sets

We will pay 50% cash or 60% instore credit, based on recent values of New sets sold.

Damage to the box or the instructions may reduce value.


New Set, Opened Box- 100% complete in polybags

We will pay 45% cash or 55% instore credit, based on recent values of New sets sold.

Damages to the box or the instructions may reduce value.


Used Set- 100% complete with instructions and box

We will pay 40% cash or 50% instore credit, based on recent values of USED sets sold. For completed

used sets without a box or instructions we will evaluate on a individual basis.

Damage to the box, instructions or any pieces may reduce value.


Minifigures- Used with all pieces

We will pay 25% cash or 35% in store credit, based on recent USED minifigures sold. Minifig MUST be complete to get value.

The percentage we pay can widely vary depending on condition, value, or popularity of minifig. Knowing the set that

the minifigures came from can greatly increase speed of estimation.


Incomplete sets/Bulk LEGO®

Any incomplete sets or bulk LEGO® is bought at $3 per pound, or for members at $3.50 per pound. Price may change

due to fake LEGO®, other toy brands, cleanliness or damage to LEGO®


Boxes or Instrutions

We do not buy most boxes or instructions. There are a few collectible set instructions that we consider purchasing.

Instructions from the old Space and Castle sets are a example.



All values above are guidelines and not guaranteed. Any of the prices above can be affected by several factors such as condition, popularity, or collectibility.


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